Welcome to the Brockville Museum’s virtual exhibits! We hope that these virtual exhibits will inspire you to explore Brockville’s history! We are excited to now offer four virtual exhibits. Click on the boxes below to begin your exploration.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Take a shopping trip back in time to 20th Century Downtown Brockville. Profiling some of the pharmacies, clothing stores, jewelry stores, hardware stores, and specialty shops often remembered by Brockville residents. (2022)

River Reflections: Works by RH Lindsay

A showcase of a select group of works by RH Lindsay (1868-1938) featuring the St. Lawrence River (and surrounding landscapes). (2022)

The Recorder & Times: 200 Years of Printing History

Marks the occasion of the newspaper’s 200 anniversary (January 2021) and takes a behind-the-scenes look at the history of the local newspaper, including printing technology and the notable characters that once passed through the news- and printing- rooms. (2021)

House Histories

A brief look at the history of half a dozen Brockville homes. A series previously featured on our Facebook Page. (2021)

Cholera Hits Brockville (1832)

Discover how Brockville responded to the 1832 Cholera epidemic that swept across Upper and Lower Canada. (2020)

Made in Brockville

By the mid-twentieth century Brockville was a booming little metropolis with local factories producing an astonishing array of products. Explore some of the products manufactured in Brockville over the years. (2020)

Pieces of Brockville

Explore the history of some of Brockville’s most historical buildings, including some that are no longer part of our streetscapes. (2018)

Brockville Pets

Explore Brockville’s century-old relationship with their pets through unique family photographs and objects from our collection. (2019)

150 years of Brockville history (1867-2017)

In 2017 Canada celebrated 150 years of Canadian history. Between February 1st and July 1st of that year, the Brockville Museum counted down 150 years of Brockville’s history on our Facebook Page by selecting one memorable event or item for each of the past 150 years.

Remembering Women in War

When we stop to remember the ways that Brockville residents were involved in the Great Wars, we cannot forget how women contributed to these efforts. Explore this virtual exhibit to learn more. (2017)